1078 Hope Street

Stamford, CT  06907

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Ph. 203-461-9003


Vinny's Oktoberfest 2017

runs through October 31st


Potato Pancakes

​3 Pancakes served with apple sauce and Sour Cream



​Bratwurst, Krainerwurst and 2 Potato Pancakes

with mustard and apple sauce



Wiener Schnitzel

​Breaded Veal cutlet with lemon and capers and served

with Spaetzle and Braised Red Cabbage


Chicken Schnitzel

​ Prepared the same as our famous Wiener Schnitzel

and served with Red Cabbage and Spaetzle


Kassler Ripchen

​Smoked Pork C​hops served with Bavarian Sauerkraut

and Warm German Potato Salad


Wurst Platter

​Grilled Bratwurst, Spicy smoked Bratwurst and Krainerwurst served with Bavarian Sauerkraut and Warm German Potato Salad


Brat on a Bun

Your choice of sausage, sauerkraut and mustard on a

toasted wedge served with German Potato Salad



​Traditional German pot roast with a sweet- tart gravy,

Braised Red Cabbage and Spaetzle


Mixed Grill

​Kassler Ripchen, Bratwurst and Krainerwurst with

Bavarian Sauerkraut and Warm German Potato Salad



Apfel Crisp

​Warm Apple Crisp topped with Vanilla Ice Cream